Olivia Rodrigo is currently on her sold-out SOUR world tour — so what does she do between stops?  A new TikTok featuring the Grammy winner explains just that.

Teaming with singer Conan Gray, who made a surprise appearance during her Thursday night show, the “drivers license” singer recreated a now-viral line from the 2008 movie Twilight.  The hilarious video was taken at Vancouver’s Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre.

Olivia and Conan dramatically recreate the scene where Rob Pattinson‘s Edward Cullen reveals to Kristen Stewart‘s Bella Swan that he’s a vampire.

Wearing a crop top and maxi skirt, Olivia twirls around before pretending to scream the line, “As if you can outrun me!”  The scene changes to a sped-up clip of her laughing as she half-heartedly runs around the arena in her elevated combat boots — all to the movie’s whooshing sound effects.

Then Conan jumps forward and lip-syncs “As if you can fight me off” before he charges toward a poster of Olivia’s face and pretends to pummel at it, again set to the movie’s dramatic sound effects.

The video was on its way to amassing three million likes as of Friday afternoon and has been viewed more than eight million times since it was posted earlier Friday.

Olivia previously revealed she’s a fan of the Twilight saga.  In 2020, she created an original song from Bella’s perspective, and also announced on Twitter around the same time, “My favorite album is the twilight soundtrack and nobody can change my mind.”

While performing in Vancouver, Olivia and Conan jumped on stage together to perform Katy Perry‘s hit “The One That Got Away,” according to videos taken by fans.  Olivia is next set to play in Salt Lake City’s UCCU Center on Saturday.

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