Olivia Rodrigo wants to keep the momentum going after her debut album, SOUR, scored her seven Grammy nods.

Speaking with her the opening act of her SOUR Tour, Gracie Abrams, for Interview magazine, the 18-year-old artist laid out her plans for her upcoming body of work.  “I’m trying to prioritize production more. I listen to music as if it’s spoken-word poetry. I’m a lyric-driven songwriter, so it’s been a learning process to focus on other things,” she dished. “Collaborating really broadens my horizons to other important things about music.”


Olivia declined to say if such collaborations include other artists, but did candidly reveal, “I don’t actually think that I’m a great songwriter.”  The Grammy nominee clarified, “I’m just a really prolific songwriter, and I write so much that some of them just have to be good. Like statistically, some of them have to work.”

She also revealed that listening to Lorde’s debut, Pure Heroine, is “when I first remember wanting to be a songwriter.”

With the SOUR Tour, Olivia confessed that she’s feeling antsy about several things, but it doesn’t appear to be about performing in front of sold-out crowds.


“I’m very nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before,” she admitted, noting she is more concerned about where she’ll sleep.  Olivia added she intends to only sleep on her tour bus and nowhere else because, “I am the most paranoid person in the whole world. I get freaked out about staying at hotels. I’m not a germaphobe, but anytime I get in a hotel I worry that I’m gonna get some weird disease or something.”

Added Olivia, “I have the weirdest paranoias.”

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