Nicki Minaj’s former stylist Cristina Acevedo has filed a $43,000 lawsuit against the rapper.

According to court documents attained by E! News, the lawsuit alleges Minaj of refusing to pay Acevedo after she terminated her services and submitted her invoices.

The lawsuit mentions Acevedo’s collaboration with Minaj began in April 2017 for a total of 24 days spread over a span of two months. According to the documents, the stylist’s fee was $1500 a day. As part of her job, she would style the rapper and/or her family members whenever needed.

Acevedo’s lawsuit seeks $43,200 in damages. As of press time, Minaj had not publicly commented on the case.

Nicki Minaj Facing $43K Lawsuit After Allegedly Telling Stylist “Girl, Goodbye”


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