By Nikki Chavanelle:

The NCAA’s decision to cancel all spring championships was swift but left a lot of questions in the aftermath. Luckily, the most pressing question has also been answered rather fast.

All athletes participating in sports that have been cancelled this spring such as baseball, softball, track and more will be granted their semester of eligibility back. This is especially good news for seniors who will have one more chance to compete.

The lingering questions are how the NCAA will deal with scholarship limitations. Many sports, such as baseball, have already signed 2021 classes and promised scholarships.

It’s only logical that the NCAA will have to expand the number of scholarships temporarily to allow those seniors wishing to return to keep their scholarship and freshmen entering the program next year to receive their promised scholarship.

The NCAA will also have to decide how to handle eligibility for winter athletes who had their championships canceled like basketball players.

The vast majority of senior athletes played 95-100% of their final season, but without the chance to complete conference or national championships, the jury is out on whether they will or should be granted another full year to compete once again.