Will it be a girl or a boy for Rihanna?  The beauty mogul appears to be deliberately trying to throw people off the scent.  The British tabloid The Sun reports that over the weekend, Rihanna dropped $3,000 at the LA baby boutique Kitson Kids, but she bought both girls’ and boys’ clothing.  It’s similar to another recent shopping trip she took to Target where, The Sun reports, she bought mostly girls’ clothes, but threw a few boys’ items into her cart.

Britney Spears is in love with her new puppy, Sawyer, and according to her, the feeling is mutual. On Instagram, Britney gushed, “Sawyer made me feel more loved in 9 seconds than any man I’ve ever been with…HE LOVES ME!!! The kind of love that doesn’t require POWER…SEX…LUST… or MONEY!!! Genuine unconditional ‘I will f**k you up if you mess with my girl’ kind of love!!! He’s kind of like my 3rd son at this point!!!”

Joe Jonas is judging an MTV reality competition show, and Nick Jonas is reportedly judging an NBC dance competition show. Now their band mate and brother, Kevin Jonas, along with their other brother, 21-year-old Frankie, have booked their own reality show gig. According to Entertainment Tonight, the two will host ABC’s Claim to Fame, which is sort of like Big Brother, except all the contestants are family members of celebrities. They have to hide who they’re related to while competing in challenges to win $100,000.

Sean Paul has announced a new album, Scorcha, due May 27. He’ll kick off a U.S. tour starting April 22 in Boston and wrapping up May 29 in Monterey, CA.  The dancehall star tells Billboard, “The album is called Scorcha because I’m a hot boy and I’m still fresh and I keep on doing my thing. I put out excellence, I’m not just doing this for a buck….I’m doing this from the perspective of that euphoria that I want you to feel.”

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