Katy Perry briefly lived in Kentucky while fiancé Orlando Bloom filmed Red Right Hand, and she told People she loved “the country life” — though it took some adjusting. She explained, “I’ve lived in the big so much. Learning how to be a normal person is good. To have to go to the grocery store, go to Walmart.”

Billie Eilish got a shout out from Blondie after performing together at the Hollywood Bowl last week. Blondie honored the “bad guy” singer on Instagram, calling her “incredible” and “amazing.” Billie shared the post to her Instagram Story and added a giggling while blushing emoji.


AJR‘s Ryan Met showed how they created “Way Less Sad,” revealing it was inspired by the horn line heard in the end of Simon & Garfunkel’s “My Little Town.” Said Ryan, “We thought that was the catchiest melody ever but it only happens during the fadeout of the song. So we wanted to make that a song unto itself!”

Camila Cabello gave in to her impulse to jump on the kiddie-sized bike at the store and go for a ride. “He said girl an u ride,” the Grammy nominee captioned the post of her sitting on a “Baby Shark”-themed bike.

Andy Grammer infused some Jazzercise into a recent concert. Jazzercise shared a video of him inviting an instructor to perform her routine to “Honey, I’m Good” onstage! 


Halsey got their snack on when showing off the Japanese snacks they adore. The singer shared their “mini 7-eleven haul in tokyo” on TikTok, which sees them eating different kinds of chips and candy. One follower asked Halsey if their food allergies have improved, but the singer admitted, “I have a few that are really dangerous but most are like ‘is this worth feeling s***ty and taking a Benadryl’ and Japanese candy is DEF worth!!”

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