Billie Eilish has one important rule no one can ever break: don’t interrupt her while she’s eating and watching something.  She admitted to Billboard, “I get irrationally angry and furious.”  The Grammy winner confessed she has another weird quirk: she sometimes will make herself a new meal and start from the top so she can fully enjoy it.

BTS‘ “Boy with Luv” is officially their most-viewed video on YouTube after amassing over one-and-a-half billion streams.  They’re the third Korean act to notch that many views on a music video, following BLACKPINK and PSY.  “Boy with Luv,” which features Halsey, was released in April 2019.

Cardi B‘s hilarious new episode of Cardi Tries is here, in which she toughed it out in the woods.  “Ya girl was outside with no shelter, no water, AND no cell phone but I SURVIVED,” Cardi teased.  The episode is live now on Messenger.

Mother’s Day is May 8 and new mom Meghan Trainor told USA Today what gifts she thinks will knock it out of the park. Breakfast in bed is a must, adding that when she became pregnant with Riley and “got a taste of gestational diabetes,” her husband, Daryl Sabara, “wanted to make sure the pregnancy was as easy as possible for me.” Other gift ideas include chocolate covered strawberries, a good Mother’s Day card and a vacation.

Olivia Rodrigo reflected on how she managed her explosive fame when she was 17 years old, telling OK!, “It’s so crazy…But I have amazing friends who are super honest with me and keep me grounded.” As for the advice she has now for her former self, said the Grammy winner, “Everything’s gonna work out, surround yourself with great people and do all this because you love writing songs.”

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