(STOCKTON, Calif.) — Police, community members and families of victims of the suspected Stockton, California, serial killer congregated at Stockton City Hall Wednesday night for a vigil to remember the six lives lost.

The six slayings — all fatal shootings of men — spanned from April 2021 to September 2022, according to police. Five of the killings were in Stockton; one was in Oakland, about 70 miles away. All of the shootings were at night or in the early morning.

“My brother was my everything. I’m going to never hear his laughter,” Pia Lopez, sister of the final victim, 54-year-old Lorenzo Lopez Sr., said at the vigil.

The musician — who was shot in the early hours of Sept. 27 — leaves behind six children.

Stockton police chief Stanley McFadden was among those at Wednesday’s vigil.

“Everyone came together to get this person off the street,” the chief said.

In an emotional moment, Lorenzo Lopez Sr.’s mother thanked the chief.

“I want to thank him so much, because he lifted my spirits and he held me up when I felt like I was falling down and falling apart,” she said.

“It hurts deep inside and it never goes away,” she added. “But we got justice.”

The suspected serial killer, 43-year-old Wesley Brownlee, was arrested this weekend while he was allegedly on the prowl for another victim, according to police. Brownlee was apprehended while wearing dark clothing and a mask around his neck, according to McFadden. Brownlee was also armed with a gun, police said.

“He was on a mission to kill. He was out hunting,” McFadden said in a statement. “We are sure we stopped another killing.”

Brownlee appeared in court Tuesday and was charged with three counts of murder, with more charges expected, San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar said. He has not entered a plea.

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