Ashley Graham has been open with her Instagram followers as she journeyed into motherhood, telling ABC Audio before the birth of her first child, Isaac, in 2020 that she was taking notes from her social media followers. “The mommy community has embraced me so much,” she said at the time.

But now, as a mom of twins, she’s learning online feedback cuts both ways. She told guest Daily Show host Chelsea Handler on Tuesday night that she’s gotten flak online for her decision to stop breastfeeding her twin sons, Malachi and Roman.

“There’s this whole thing with people telling you how to feed your child,” the model and body positivity advocate vented.

“With my first kid, I was like, ‘I can only breastfeed! This is the right way!"” she said of raising Isaac, now 3.

Graham continued, “Then I had the twins, and I was like, ‘I’m not doing this. This is not working here. Both of you want both of these? This is a lot of work."”

“Overnight, my whole life changed, and it felt like I was feeding a nation,” she joked.

The 35-year-old former Sports Illustrated pinup said five months after she and husband Justin Ervin added the twins to their family, she switched to formula, and the now-1-year-old boys are “so strong and happy.”

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