The set for Missy Elliott and Jack Harlow‘s Doritos Super Bowl ad was apparently filled with laughter. In a recent interview with Billboard, the rappers discussed the shoot, which actually wasn’t their first time meeting.

Missy was reminded that she and Jack met in a studio when he was still an up-and-coming rapper. Though she didn’t remember the encounter, it had no bearing on the chemistry the two had while filming “Jack’s New Angle.”

According to Missy, they “laughed as if we had met years back.” Harlow echoed the sentiment, adding, “We were laughing and joking and having a good time.” He said that he “also just wanted to hear stories about some of the things she did and where her head was at when she was making music early in her career.”

The teaser for the Super Bowl commercial recently dropped and sees Missy turning down Jack’s idea for a love triangle. In the actual ad, Jack feels his music is missing something and comes up with the idea of using a musical triangle, rather than the tasty triangle.

Jack performs with the instrument, quits music against Missy’s advice, teaches young students to use the instrument and causes the world to have “triangle fever.” Still, he loses Triangle Player of the Year to Elton John.

Harlow says Missy’s appearance in the ad was “super special,” but Elton’s was the “cherry on top.”

“That’s an icon that reaches everyone and adds even more legitimacy to the ad,” he says. “He’s so iconic and accomplished, a genius. I was thrilled that he [was] a part of it.”

Missy and Jack’s Doritos commercial is out on Youtube. It will also air during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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