Another original Roseanne star is leaving the ABC spin-off The Conners.

Although the network is remaining mum, TVLine reports Michael Fishman, who played DJ, the youngest child of Dan and Roseanne since the original show’s creation, won’t be back for the series’ fifth season.

With his exit comes the news that Jayden Rey, who played DJ’s daughter, Mary, won’t be back either.

The parting of the ways appears to be amicable, according to the publication, which pointed out DJ was missing from more than half of the spin-off’s 71 episodes, as the actor started working behind the camera as a director.

TVLine reports that the door is open for both stars to periodically return as guest stars.

Of course the original show’s main star, Roseanne Barr, was fired from the hit reboot in 2017 after sending a racially insensitive tweet; the series was rebranded and her character was killed off off-screen.

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