Meghan Trainor says when it comes to her choice of underwear, she’s team granny panties, and has made her case why she will never forsake her full-coverage undies for a thong.

On her podcast Workin’ On It, the Grammy winner explained, “I love me a granny panty. I cannot wear thongs, I’m such a loser.” Meghan added, “Never wore a thong. I tried when I was younger and I hated it.”  

She later admitted that was a little white lie, because she had to wear a thong when she sported a full bodysuit in 2019 for LA PRIDE. While she said on Instagram at the time that she “never felt more sexy in my life,” 2022 Meghan came clean and confessed that she was “so uncomfortable.”

The “Title” singer noted that it should be no secret that she wears big underwear. “When I record my workout videos, when my trainer’s recording me we’re always like, ‘Granny panties!’ Like it’s on my Instagram,” she laughed. 

Meghan added that she “only” gets her underwear from Victoria’s Secret, “because they know how to make a good granny panty.” She also admitted that she is still wearing her “maternity panties” despite giving birth to her son Riley last year, because they “are large and they hug me.”

The “All About That Bass” artist also mused over the possibility of coming out with her own line of granny panties designed specifically to hide the lines. Whether or not she goes through with it has yet to be seen.

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