(NEW YORK) — As American families face mounting food prices amid rising inflation, fast food companies like McDonald’s are looking for more ways to add value.

“The impact of inflation is really challenging; there’s not a sector that’s really immune to the challenges,” McDonald’s Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer Tariq Hassan said in an exclusive interview with ABC News on Tuesday.

“Our fans have been really clear to us that that value that they’ve come to expect from McDonald’s has never frankly been more important to them,” he continued. “We’re committed to continuing to have that ability to provide our customers those kind of offers, whether it’s through our everyday value meal or unique offers we’re making through national or local promotions or exclusive offers through the app.”

When asked if the company has plans to further reduce prices to help customers struggling with high food costs, Hassan reiterated that they are “making sure those value offers are still on the menu.”

He also explained that McDonald’s looks to add value beyond just monetary savings deals.

“You connect through great unique experiences — and we’ve been doing that whether through unique merchandise offers — we did a program in July where we gave fans exclusive access to concerts through the app,” he said, adding that their latest offer ties in culture, art and nostalgia.

McDonald’s has raised prices in several countries due to increasing costs of goods and global supply chain issues, but when asked if U.S. customers can expect to see similar increases, Hassan said, “We try to monitor when we do those things in a way that they’re not hitting the customer too hard, but the reality is we continue to provide our customers with great value — making sure we have offers available.”

The newest offer from the Golden Arches is a Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, which Hassan said was inspired by the “universal familiar experience that we all had as children” when you got a Happy Meal.

“We thought it’d be a great way to capture that joy and wrap it up in a great experience for adults,” he said of the collaboration with CPFM, which created the design of the box and the McDonaldland or Cactus Buddy figurines.

“You go through that same kid-like experience. You get to choose a Big Mac or 10-piece McNugget with world-famous fries and a drink,” Hassan said of the new meal deal.

The limited time boxes hit restaurants nationwide on Oct. 3 and are available while supplies last.

Plus, fans who buy the box on the McDonald’s app will automatically be entered for a chance to score exclusive merchandise for free each week, including T-shirts and hoodies, a Grimace chair and custom McDonald’s sign from the set of a TV commercial as grand prizes.

There is also a full line of limited-edition CPFM x McDonald’s gear available online.

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