By Aaron Cagle:

Monday night’s city council meeting started with the appeal of the planning commission’s denial of a request to establish a mental health clinic at 1700 Olive Street.

Mr. Ronald Kirby came before the council speaking in favor of the appeal.  After a round of questions, Mr. Charles Bruce came to speak against the appeal.

Afterwards, the vote passed in favor of the appeal 5 to 3 with the application to be returned to the planning commission more thoroughly explanative of the purpose of the clinic.

Ayes were Mays, Brown, Alexander, Trafford, and Winfield. Nays were Lockett, Hatchett, and Holcomb.

Afterwards public comments were heard regarding the sanctuary city resolution and a show of support for Rosie T. Pettigrew.

The committees then all made their respective reports.

Ways and means had four budget adjustments, one for the airport, one for the police department, one for the street department, and one for parks and recreation.

All were approved unanimously.

Also passed unanimously were an ordinance adopting a municipal policy regarding the naming of city properties, streets, and other locations within the city, an ordinance adopting the stormwater management plan, an ordinance adopting the stormwater pollution prevention, grading, and erosion control, a resolution appointing Rosie T. Pettigrew to the historic district commission, and a resolution providing for the placement of costs
correcting certain nuisances on tax books such as delinquent taxes.

The resolution declaring the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a secure and friendly environs (SAFE) city was pulled without being discussed.

It was reported earlier by that Mays’ resolution could violate state law.