With the goal of creating supportive relationships that will help young people succeed, the Mayor’s office and partners have developed a citywide mentorship program with existing and new mentors.

This effort supports both boys and girls, ages 3 – 18, in the City of Pine Bluff, to ensure that all young people reach their full potential. We envision a city in which every child is connected to someone who truly loves and cares about them.


Program objectives:

Collaborative community approach and outreach to existing mentorship institutions and individuals

Provide the opportunity to train individual and group mentors that will service our youth


Develop a standard approach to mentorship throughout the city

The first cohort of mentors participated in a mentoring training on September 12th in the Convention Center. Ongoing training for new mentors is underway. If you are interested in being a mentor or having a child mentored, please contact Ima Etim at (870) 209-0048 or [email protected].