By Ray King

Pine Bluff Mayor Shirley Washington on Friday said she thought the Solidarity Rally which was held on the steps of City Hall Thursday went very well, even though there were not as many people at the site as she had expected, but described that group as “the tip of the iceberg.”

The rally was broadcast in its entirety on Oldies 101.3.

Washington said the event “had a spirit of solidarity and that’s what we were looking for.”

She said she had heard that several groups were wanting to do something to protest police brutality and honor the memory of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis while in police custody.

“When I heard about different ones wanting to do something, I would call them and see if we could collaborate and come up with one nice event for Pine Bluff,” she said. “I thought it be best if we just coordinated rather than not knowing what’s going to happen popping up when and where.”

She also said social distancing as a result of trying to avoid the spread of COVID-19 presented its own set of problems.

To deal with than, the Mayor said those attending sat in their cars and when they did get out, they stayed by the doors.