By Ray King

Pine Bluff Mayor Shirley Washington on Tuesday said that the city will be looking at other resources such as outside agencies in an effort to reduce crime in the city.

After firing and then reinstating Police Chief Kelvin Sergeant last week, Washington also said that if the efforts to reduce crime also include new technology or other equipment the police department needs, “we will have to look at supplying those needs.”

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show, Washington was asked if other agencies had been helpful in the past.

She said she had taken a “lot of heat” from members of the community and on social media after firing Sergeant but that didn’t her decision to reinstate him. “I still feel I make every decision on what I feel is best for the community and I hope the heat is on me and not on the citizens of the community or the Chief. I can take the heat.”

Sergeant will be eligible to retire in about nine months and Washington was asked if he would be gone after that.

Incidents of car racing, large crowds gathering on parking lots and finally a shooting were some of the reasons Sergeant was let go in the first place and Washington was asked what’s going to be done to curb those things.