We know Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley on Stranger Things, but did you know she is also a singer? Her sophomore album, Moss, is about to come out and she credits Taylor Swift as her inspiration.

Chatting on Kyle Meredith with … , Maya explained she wanted Moss to have a “cohesive feeling,” which she explained was a sound like “a pulse without a beat … Smooth but not soft.”  

In other words, she was inspired by Taylor’s album folklore. “I was super inspired by folklore, to which, like, I started wanting to work with Jonathan Lowe, who mixed folklore,” she divulged.  

She managed to get in touch with Lowe, who signed up to mix Moss — as well as Maya’s new single, “Thérèse.” Maya is thrilled with the end result and said the sound is not only “smooth,” it also embodies the “idea that you could both run to it and fall asleep to it on an airplane.”

She said that’s the same vibe folklore has and that’s what she aspired to achieve with Moss. 

“What’s so amazing about [folklore] … was kind of that combination of it being both motivating and moving forward without it being, like, the way some pop music — that I love — wakes you up from your nap when it comes up in the playlist,” Maya said. “I didn’t want anything to wake you up in that way. I wanted it all to feel like it could be a part of a dream.”

Moss is due out September 23.

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