(NEW YORK) — Mattel has brought back one of its most iconic dolls: Barbie Totally Hair.

Since initially debuting 30 years ago, the toymaker has released an updated version of the ’90s doll. The original launch was available in blond or brunette hair colors and came with an accompanying styling gel.

Barbie’s new take on the doll includes four dolls with their own unique hairstyles, textures, fashion looks and themes. Each doll also has a really long mane of 8.5 inches of hair — reaching down to its ankles.

Children also get to enjoy the doll’s vibrant pops of hair color, as well as more than 15 styling accessories that include everything from color-changing hair clips to scrunchies.

“Totally hot, totally cool! Totally Hair #Barbie is back for the ultimate throwback, with a look inspired by our original bestselling doll with extra-long hair and rockin’ accessories,” the brand captioned a video of the new assortment of dolls on Instagram.

The latest Totally Hair lineup features four dolls centered around star, heart, flower and butterfly themes — with each having its own fun flair.

“Thirty years ago, we made waves with Barbie Totally Hair, which would go on to become the bestselling Barbie doll of all time,” Mattel Executive Vice President and Global Head of Barbie & Dolls Lisa McKnight said in a statement.

She continued, “This year we’re headed back to our roots with the release of our 30th anniversary Totally Hair dolls, leaning into the nostalgia factor and bringing back all 8.5 inches of magical and playable hair for young kids to act out their most imaginative Totally Hair storylines. Hair has always been a huge part of Barbie’s identity, so it was a dream come true to add some 2022 flair on one of our most iconic dolls.”

The new Barbie Totally Hair Doll assortment is currently available at select online retailers and will be sold at more mass retailers later this fall.

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