A massive storm that began heading across the U.S. on Tuesday with heavy snow, ice conditions, and torrential rain to more than 200 million Americans over the next few days. 39 states will be affected, including every state east of the Mississippi River, with the worst of forecast for Wednesday.

On Monday, the storm dropped as much as a foot of snow in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. On Tuesday, sleet and freezing rain affected parts of Arkansas. Snow and ice headed across the northern tier from Minnesota to Maine and as far south as North Texas to northern Mississippi.

Freezing rain and ice will be especially dangerous in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the mountains of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.  3-5 inches of snow in addition to ice and rain is predicted for Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. 

In the South, several rounds of heavy rainfall, flooding and even some severe thunderstorms are expected Tuesday and Wednesday. Six inches of rain could swamp parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, where flood watches and warnings have been posted. 

Winter storm to bring snow, icy mix, flooding concerns for up to 200 million Americans

Via www.foxnews.com