Mariah Carey has teamed up with Atlanta rapper Latto and DJ Khaled on a remix of Latto’s hit single “Big Energy.”

The hot new track, which opens with Mariah hitting her legendary high note, was released on Monday — just three days after the arrival of Latto’s second studio album, 777.

“Ima be ya fantasy, you ain’t gone believe this/ hol’ up, got Mimi on the remix,” Latto raps on the track.

The rapper also took to Twitter to respond to fans’ questions about the collaboration.

“I originally thought Mariah for the remix back in like November when it first started going up but didn’t think I could get her realistically… fast fwd I said f*** it and reached out. She was down,” Latto said.

Once Mariah was locked in for the feature, Latto admitted that she was “sooooo nervous” to work alongside her.

“I was like what do I say y’all lol but the conversation just floweddd she was so genuine and I definitely was overthinking,” she explained.

Latto also sent out a tweet to Mariah on Sunday wishing Carey a Happy Birthday and thanking her for her “LEGENDARY VOCALS & ALL THE ADVICE YOU GAVE ME.”

Mariah responded by tweeting, “So excited for this moment dahhhhllling!!!!! So happy and proud of you and all you’re accomplishing!!! But I don’t have BIRTHDAYS! ‘It’s my anniversary!!!’ Congratulations Beautiful.”

Latto also wrote that the best part of working with the “Fantasy” singer was “HEARING HER HIT THAT HIGH NOTE IN PERSON!!!!”

“Big Energy Remix” is out now.

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