It’s been nearly four years since Maren Morris tied the knot with Ryan Hurd, and they’ve been navigated quite a few hurdles and milestones during that time. They’ve watched each other’s careers rise, spent a pandemic together, welcomed a son, Hayes, and even scored a number-one duet with “Chasing After You.”

And while it certainly helps that Ryan and Maren are in the same industry, Maren says that’s far from the only reason she feels she “lucked out” by marrying Ryan.

“I think even if he were a plumber, I would find this beautiful connection and common ground with him,” she reflects. “Because I think our morals and our priorities are the same.”

Plus, Maren adds, Ryan has helped her become a better communicator. “He doesn’t let anything fester,” she says. “…He’s pulled me out of my retreat-into-a-shell defiant stance and makes me talk my feelings out. So he’s very special in that way, and I feel like he passed all those traits off onto our son.”

She adds, “He’s one of the most brilliant, kind, thoughtful humans.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Maren released a new song last week called “Background Music,” which reflects on the impermanence of life and cherishes her relationships with loved ones –particularly Ryan.

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