A Jefferson County man was arrested Monday after he allegedly cut hemp valued at $320,000 from the Carpenter Farms in Lincoln County.

According to the Lincoln Ledger newspaper, Chris Moffett, 40, of Jefferson was detained by Grady Mayor Charles Knight until a Lincoln County Deputy arrived at the scene on Highway 11 just outside the Grady city limits.

The newspaper reported that Moffitt was standing beside a blue van with some hemp plants on the ground near the van. After Moffitt gave the deputy permission to search the van, the deputy found a machete on the back seat and bags containing a total of 80 pounds of hemp which has a market value of $4,000 per pound making the total value of the hemp $320,000.

Moffitt was charged with theft of property $25,000 or more, a felony and criminal trespass on land/crop land.