A storm drain marking event will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday, July 10th, at the White Hall City Park.

The Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service invites volunteers to participate in the “Make Your Mark White Hall” session, according to Christine L. Cooley, Jefferson County Cooperative Extension stormwater agent. Organizations, local businesses and residents can participate free and storm drain markers and supplies will be provided.

“Marking storm drains is an excellent opportunity to make residents aware that whatever enters a storm drain goes directly to local waters, and that storm drains are not a place to dispose of household chemicals, trash, or yard or pet waste,” Cooley said. People assume that stormwater flows down the storm drains and to a treatment facility, but that’s not true, according to Cooley.

On July 10th, participants will focus on marking storm drains along Dollarway Road. “Dollarway road gets a good amount of foot traffic on its sidewalks because of the schools and local businesses that are adjacent so the message on these makers has the potential to reach a large and wide range of people” Cooley said. “The message on the small adhesive makers reads ‘Don’t Pollute, Flows to Waterways,’ bringing attention to pedestrians that there are negative environmental impacts to polluted stormwater runoff.”

For more information, visit the Southeast Arkansas Stormwater Education Facebook page or [email protected]. You can also visit uaex.edu.