In case anyone forgot that Justin Bieber‘s current tour is in support of his 2021 album, Justice, he took the opportunity to remind fans of the album’s theme during a show on Sunday in Trondeheim, Norway.

In video posted to his Instagram feed, Justin is seen telling the crowd, “So when we created the Justice album, we wanted to make an intentional moment — a moment of unity, a moment of acceptance, a moment of belonging. In this world, there’s a lot of division, and what justice is, is for us to all come together.”

He added, “We know that racism is evil. It’s wrong. But you and I, we get to be the difference-makers. We get to be the ones to stand with our brothers and sisters and make a change. So I’m so grateful to have each and every one of you guys here tonight being a part of this message, being a part of this journey.”

Justin’s tour recently resumed following a postponement in connection with his diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused partial paralysis of his face. It’s currently set to wrap up in March of 2023 in Poland.

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