The Arkansas Cancer Coalition recently awarded Mainline Health Systems, Inc. a $53,951 grant to implement cancer control efforts that support the Arkansas Cancer Plan.

This funding source will help to research the latest cervical cancer information, educate staff and patients on that information, and promote cervical cancer awareness.

“ACC is committed to reducing the human suffering and economic burden from cancer for the citizens of Arkansas,” said Trena Mitchell, executive director. “By partnering with academic and community-based organizations, we can multiply our efforts by reaching those in counties with the highest needs. Mainline is highly qualified to make an impact on reducing the impact of cancer by implementing the goals and strategies of the Arkansas Cancer Plan.”

“Mainline is very excited to receive this grant award. If this grant can help save at least one person from cervical cancer, then this will all be worth it. We feel privileged to be a part of the efforts of the Arkansas Cancer Coalition, which does a great job of making an impact in Arkansas,” says Amanda Gilbert, director of administration.

About the Arkansas Cancer Coalition
The Arkansas Cancer Coalition’s mission is to facilitate and provide partnerships to reduce the human suffering and economic burden from cancer for the citizens of Arkansas. The coalition provides an overview of the current status of cancer control in Arkansas, maintains a plan of cancer control goals and strategies, and improves the quality of life for those persons affected by cancer. To contact the coalition, call 501.404. 2363, visit or like us on Facebook.

About Mainline Health Systems, Inc.
Mainline Health Systems, Inc. mission is to provide high quality clinical services to all the people of Southeast Arkansas regardless of their ability to pay. Mainline was founded in 1978 by a group of agricultural leaders who were concerned about healthcare in their community. Mainline has grown from one clinic with one physician to a system of 6 medical clinics, 3 dental clinics and 10 school based health clinics with multiple providers located throughout Southeast Arkansas. To contact Mainline, call 870.538.3355