British artist Mae Muller scored a massive hit with “Better Days,” her collab with Swedish producer NEIKED and Polo G.  Now, fans tell her they’ve gone online check out all her solo music, and she says that means everything to her.

“That’s the most important thing,” she tells ABC Audio. “Obviously I love ‘Better Days’ — the song has opened so many doors, but all the songs I did before, they really came from the heart and [are] really personal to me. So it just makes me feel like everything was kind of worth it, and it’s happening when it’s meant to happen.”

It’s because she wrote all her solo songs that Mae was hesitant to sing on anything she didn’t write, but “Better Days” changed her mind.

She explains, “I’ve had quite a few songs be sent over and they’re like, ‘Yeah, we think this is going to be a big song,’ but I’m like, ‘But it doesn’t feel right, and I wouldn’t say that. The message isn’t right for me.’ And that’s the biggest thing.”

But after hearing “Better Days,” Mae says, “I was like, “I would say this, and this is very aligned with how I feel and what I would say.’ And also, I was like, ‘This song sounds like a banger, and the only person who’s going to lose out if I don’t do this is me!”

“It just felt right,” she says, and laughs, “I just said, ‘Dolly Parton didn’t write every single one of her songs, so I’m sure it’s fine if I don’t!"”

Mae’s now hard at work on new songs, and her upcoming U.S. shows in March, she’ll “definitely” perform “some unreleased music that people can enjoy” — music that she says will be “a little teaser” of what’s to come.

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