Well, that didn’t go as planned.  

Madonna apparently wanted to post a cheeky video to her fans on TikTok and wore a sheer top as she filmed herself leaning in close to the camera set to the latest remix of her track “Frozen.”  She then blows an air kiss with her overlarge, pink lips, making an audible smack before slowly leaning back into her seat.

Madonna’s blank expression doesn’t change throughout the video.

Unfortunately, fans weren’t feeling the love and some made it clear the 13-second clip made them recoil. Many took to the comments to ask variations of “are you okay,” while others were more vocal about their feelings, with one revealing, “This honestly scared me I’m not gonna lie.” Another declared, “STAY BACK STAY BACK I SAY” along with four fencing emojis.

Others defended Madonna, saying those calling her video “unsettling” are probably kids who don’t eve know who Madonna is.  Another group took to the comments to remind everyone to be nice.

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