Madonna has confirmed rumors she will perform at World Pride in New York City later this month. The singer said that she’ll perform at Pride Island, the festival’s live music event, on June 30.

“I hear you,” Madonna said — wrapped in a rainbow towel — in a video posted on her official Instagram account. “I’ll be on Pride Island, where I was born.”

Grace Jones is also set to headline the two-day event, which falls on the last weekend in June and marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall uprising in New York, a major milestone in the gay-rights movement.. The entire month is LGBTQ Pride Month in New York City.

Madonna’s advocacy for LGBTQ people goes back decades. She recently teased a new song, “I Rise,” ahead of her upcoming album, “Madame X,” which will be released June 14. The entertainer last toured on her “Rebel Heart” tour back in 2016.

Madonna announces NYC Pride Week performance


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