When most people go to museums, they look at paintings by their favorite artists. When Madonna goes to a museum, she gets to wear her favorite artists’ clothes.

Madonna has long been a fan of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and shared photos of her recent visit to the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City. Once her family’s home, the artist lived there as a child and then years later with her husband, fellow artist Diego Rivera


“A Beautiful Souvenir -visiting the family home of my Eternal Muse -Frida Kahlo. In Mexico City,” she captioned an Instagram post. “For me it was magical to try on her clothes and jewelry, to read her journals and letters and to look at photos I’d never seen before.”

Madonna is wearing a number of Kahlo’s outfits in the photos, including several dresses and a shawl. Some people weren’t happy about this: One person wrote in the comments, “You can be Madonna as much as you like, but trying her clothes?!” Another wrote in Spanish, “Did they really let her wear Frida’s clothes? Isn’t it cultural heritage?”

But another commented in Spanish, “The Frida Kahlo Museum and everything it contains is private. So owners can do whatever they want with their objects.”


During Madonna’s show in Mexico City, actress Salma Hayek, who portrayed Frida Kahlo on film, was the Queen of Pop’s special guest. She came onstage dressed as Kahlo, and Madonna documented the moment on Instagram.

“Frida Kahlo came to visit and made me the happiest girl in the world!” she wrote. “For she has always been my Eternal Muse Cheering me on through the good Times and the bad. Thank You @salmahayek for making it possible.”

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