Macklemore is opening up about his sobriety journey, revealing he is “694 days clean” after relapsing during the pandemic. 

Sharing a TikTok on Sunday, the rapper, 39, appeared in a video set to his new song, “Chant,” which features Tones and I

As he points upward in the video, the superimposed text reads, “I relapsed during the first summer of Covid. Today I have 694 days clean.” At the same time, the song’s chorus plays in the background with the lyrics, “You can’t take my voice from me, I will rise up.”

The “Thrift Shop” rapper then encouraged others to share their own stories in the comments, captioning the clip, “Love you guys … share your stories below” and adding #recovery and #chant.

Macklemore, who has been in recovery since 2008, has previously posted about his sobriety journey and has credited his father as the catalyst for him seeking recovery. 

“Getting that help saved my life,” he told People back in January. “I hope that people will come out of the shadows, that the guilt and the shame of the disease of addiction lessen and we don’t feel like we need to hide anymore.”

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