Luke Combs is a bona fide country star, but he notes that his new single, “The Kind of Love We Make,” is a call back to the ’90s music he grew up listening to. 

Though known for his extensive list of #1 country hits, Luke reveals he spent much of his childhood listening to pop acts like Boyz II MenBackstreet Boys and NSYNC. That pop influence shines through on “The Kind of Love We Make,” which he quickly picked up on when co-writers Jamie DavisDan Isbell and Randy Isbell played him the melody of the song for the first time. 

“They had come out to write with me and they said, ‘Here’s this thing that Jamie came up with and what do you think about it?’ And I was like, ‘I think this is fantastic,"” Luke recalls. “I loved listening to Boyz II Men and Backstreet Boys and NSYNC and all that stuff. I was right in that age demo when all that stuff was absolutely crushing.” 

Luke says that he learned to sing while listening to those hit ’90s acts and that the melody of “Love” is “reminiscent” of the era. But he did want to find a way to put his own stamp on it. 

“How do we do this thing and and really still make it sound like a country song? I don’t want it to sound like an R&B song, and I want to be open and honest about where … those kind of melodies and things come from,” he explains. “But I also wanted it to still sound like something that you would come to expect from me.” 

“The Kind of Love We Make” is the second single of Luke’s current album, Growin’ Up. 

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