Luke Combs has a specific mindset when it comes to live performing. 

Looking back on his early career, Luke recalls having meetings with managers who told him he was more suited to be a songwriter than an artist. Now that he’s a country superstar who has sold out arenas and has 14 number-one hits to his name, Luke says his approach to performing comes from a desire to leave a good impression on every person who attends his show. 

“Nobody looks at music. They listen to music. And I knew if I could write great songs and put ‘em out, you’d listen to me and go, ‘I really like that,"” Luke explains to Variety. “And then when you come to see a show…I’m not crazy enough to think everyone in there is going to go, ‘This is the best show I’ve ever seen! This guy’s the best thing ever.’ My goal was always to have no one walk out and go, ‘That was a bad show."” 

The hit singer also hopes that attendees will find a song or moment in the show they connect to most and recognize his passion for his music and fans. “You can’t be everybody’s favorite. But I never wanted anybody to walk out and go, ‘That show let me down.’ And I don’t think that I’ve done that,” he concludes. 

Luke released his latest album, Growin’ Up, in June, and it became the highest debut for a country album this year. His current single, “The Kind of Love We Make,” is ascending up the top 20 on country radio.

He’ll embark on the Middle of Somewhere Tour this fall.  

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