Luke Bryan is a huge fan of all kinds of roller coasters, but not necessarily all amusement park rides.

“I won’t ride, like, a Tilt-A-Whirl or anything that just spins around,” the country superstar tells ABC Audio. “I mean, I can do the loops and twists, but I’m not gonna sit there and do five minutes of high-speed spinning around just to try to make myself throw up.”

Luke feels at home on any coaster — and not just because of “Roller Coaster,” the hit song he put out in 2014.

The singer and his family are embracing their daredevil sides in honor of his son Tate’s upcoming 12th birthday: Luke’s got an epic, three-day roller coaster and theme park trip planned to celebrate.

That’s an appropriate way to celebrate, since Tate’s an even bigger thrill seeker than Luke is at theme parks.

“There’s physically nothing — I mean, if Tate could go hop on Jeff Bezos’ rocket tomorrow, he’d go get on that rocket,” Luke continues. “He’s not scared of anything.”

Tate’s birthday is August 11. Summer is a pretty festive season in the Bryan household: the singer celebrated his 45th birthday in mid-July.

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