The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has declined to charge Marilyn Manson in a sexual assault case from October 2011. The public allegations come following a police report filed in May 2018 alleging “unspecified sex crimes” from 2011. Legal documents were revealed that state Manson was accused of raping a woman in 2011. The exact details of the case are unclear, but according to the DA, they declined to press charges based on an “absence of corroboration.”Manson also reportedly faced battery and assault with a deadly weapon allegations but the statute of limitations has expired which prohibits the DA from charging Manson. Manson’s attorney Howard E. King, Esq., released a statement saying, “Under current policy, the Los Angeles County District Attorney must investigate any claim of sexual abuse, no matter how outlandish. It is not surprising that the District Attorney, after investigation, summarily rejected the claims made in a police report filed by a former acquaintance against Brian Warner p/k/a Marilyn Manson.”

Marilyn Manson’s 2011 Sexual Assault Case Reportedly Dismissed


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