Lizzo fans have known for a while that she’s a classically trained flutist, but after she played President James Madison’s 200-year-old crystal flute, more people than ever are aware of her talents. So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Lizzo is now filing to trademark her own flute.

Billboard reports that the “About Damn Time” singer filed to trademark the name “Sasha Flute” — which is the actual name of her instrument — under seven different patent petitions. This filing would protect the name “Sasha Flute” from being used in media, toys, clothing, books, NFTs, virtual marketplaces and more.

It is unknown if Lizzo was prompted to file for trademark protection following her performance on Madison’s crystal flute on September 27.  

Attorney Michael E. Kondoudis told the outlet that this could mean Lizzo has something planned for her beloved instrument. “Usually in our experience what we find is people file trademark applications after the plans have already started being formed and in motion — not when they get this idea,” he explained.

“Because it does cost money, it does take some time and it is a federal legal matter,” he continued. “So when you have an attorney file it there has to be some kind of concrete plan to go from where they are today to selling the products and service in the metaverse.”

For trivia fans, it should be noted that Lizzo named her flute after her icon Beyoncé‘s alter-ego, Sasha Fierce.  For more Sasha Flute updates or to learn more about her, you can follow her Instagram fan account.

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