UPDATE: Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott has released the following statement:

”This is an extremely difficult season in the life of my younger brother. My family cares deeply about him, and we are seeking medical and professional help as he manages this crisis. My heart goes out to the children who were involved. While my life, in many regards, is public, my family members remain private individuals. I ask that you respect my family’s privacy and pray that my brother gets the treatment that he needs and justice is served.”

ORIGINAL STORY: 31-year-old Darrell Scott, brother of Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott, was arrested Monday on two felony counts after stealing a vehicle with two juvenile’s inside of the vehicle.

According to an arrest report from the Little Rock Police Department Scott was arrested on two counts of kidnapping, and one count of theft of property, both Class B felonies.

Scott was apprehended by the North Little Rock Police Department. According to the arrest report Scott called the children’s parents and said “Don’t worry, I’m the Mayor’s brother.”

According to the arrest report Scott will have a court appearance on July 13.

Darrell Scott