Lincoln County has received a $100,000 Arkansas Unpaved Road Grant that will be used for work on the Boston Road project.

According to the Lincoln Ledger Newspaper, work will include replacing culverts, new pipes, ditch work and more. County Judge Buddy Earnest said during a meeting of the Lincoln County Quorum Court on Monday that the county will be eligible for this grant on a yearly basis to be used on waterway areas including replacing wooden bridges and other improvements.

The county’s legislative body also got some good news when County Treasurer Lisa McGehee said that the county was receiving about the same money as they previously had received before the onset of the Coronavirus forced a number of businesses to close.

Earlier in the year, county elected officials agreed to tighten their budgets and not purchase anything that was not needed because of anticipated loss of revenues.

Because tax collections had not changed, the newspaper reported that the Quorum Court agreed to a request from Earnest to life the hiring freeze and let him fill two positions at the road shop.

A hiring freeze at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office that prevented the office from replacing two positions that were vacant was also lifted and the office was told they could fill the positions. McGehee was asked to check figures to see if the funds were available to fill a third position at the sheriff’s office that is going to be vacant.