By Deseray McKinzy 

Thursday morning, Lincoln County Judge Buddy Earnest joined Deltaplex News to talk about the recent severe weather conditions that have caused streets and homes to be flooded in his county. Judge Earnest described how the current events transpired from Monday and Tuesday’s rain, 

As Judge Earnest recognized the severity of the flood, he declared a county-wide State of Emergency,

With more rain expected to fall later today, he  described damage from trees falling, electricity issues, and residents being trapped in their homes because of the amount of water in their driveways.

Earnest emphasized that county employees are focusing on emergencies first and explained some of the challenges they face as they try to clear the roads quicker. 

By declaring a State of Emergency, Earnest explained that the county can receive some of its money back from the state which will help the county recover from some of the losses that this disaster caused. 

We will update information about Lincoln County as it becomes available.