10 minutes into Lil Wayne’s headlining set at Atlanta’s A3C festival, speculation about what some believed to be gunshots caused a stampede, forcing the venue to be evacuated. Fans were attending the October 7 line-up which included Dipset, Trina, and Lil Wayne amongst others. Authorities were unable to confirm there was a shooting, and one outlet reported that it was actually a brawl close to the backstage area that quickly escalated causing a mass panic. The festival itself issued an official statement saying that no weapons were involved. “This was an unfortunate way to end what had otherwise been an amazing week of music, friendships, and connections” the statement reads. “Thank you to everyone for your amazing support and positive energy.” Wayne also took to Twitter after the incident, noting “Hope everyone at A3C is safe.”

Panic And Confusion Ends Lil Wayne’s A3C Festival Show Early

Via www.vibe.com

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