The BET+ Original Series American Gangster: Trap Queens is back for its third season, chronicling the captivating, yet tragic rise and fall of some of the most notorious female criminals. 

Rap legend Lil’ Kim returns to narrate this season of the true-crime series. Asked if the second time around is like riding a bike, she tells ABC Audio it’s not, “’cause there’s always so much to learn and there’s always new things to learn.”

“Child, I be falling’ off with the training wheels still — in a good way, though,” she jokingly adds.

The new season of American Gangster: Trap Queens features 10 new stories, one of which revolves around Lil’ Kim’s best friend, something the artist says was a “very emotional” experience.

“Narrating her story was very emotional and near and dear to my heart….It was really emotional for me. Very different than the first season too. Never did I have to do something like that,” she explains. “Narrating it when there’s somebody that is close to you and like near and dear to you, I never thought that that would even be a thought like I never did anything like that before, so, you know, it was different, very different.”

One thing that’s not different and has remained consistent throughout Lil’ Kim’s career, however, is her support for other women, which is why it was important for her to support a project like Trap Queens.

“That’s one thing that I’ve always been is in support of my women and, you know, making sure that, you know, in this season and narrating these women stories, getting their story and their message across was very important to me,” she shares. (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

The first five episodes of American Gangster: Trap Queens are available to stream now.

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