Mayor Shirley Washington discussed the latest report for Pine Bluff from Liberty Utilities after Monday evenings City Council meeting at the Pine Bluff Convention Center. The report explained that all three water distribution plants across the city have, “returned to normal, and the plants have resumed normal operating conditions,” and as a result the water pressure throughout the city should be back to normal.

Liberty also reported that crews from Arizona, California, Illinois, and Missouri are still in Pine Bluff for the remainder of the week to search for leaks and breaks throughout the city and that there efforts will be complete this week. Residents are still urged to call Liberty’s emergency serving line if you are still experiencing low water pressure or leaks.

Council Member Whitfield addressed Liberty Utilities update and suggested that the council have a engineer be hired to inspect into the cause of the excessive amount of water leakage.

Whitfield added that he encourages Liberty Utilities to join the next City Council meeting to address the cause of last weeks water pressure issue and their plans to prevent this from happening again in the future.