By Ray King

A spokeswoman for Liberty Utilities on Monday said the company was going to make more of an effort to inform the public of efforts to fix the problems of low water pressure and leaks In the system.

Kelly Price, a marketing and communications specialist for the company spoke to Deltaplex News by phone.

Price was asked to describe the current situation in Pine Bluff and said:

She said that the company has not found a break in the main water line but that does not mean there has not been one and company representatives are actively looking to see if one exists. She went on to say that the extreme weather and bitter cold has contributed to water pipes freezing and breaking. Some of those leaks have been attributed to vacant houses and Price was asked about that.

Last week, company representatives were attributing low water pressure to residents letting their faucets drip to avoid them freezing, and Price was asked about that.

Price was also asked if the company has the ability to shut down parts of the system to ensure that Jefferson Regional Hospital has adequate water pressure.