How the deadly synthetic drug K-2 is getting into Arkansas prisons was the focus of a legislative hearing on Tuesday.

During the hearing, it was shared that tests on K-2 samples recovered from prison cells show that most of the deadly synthetic chemical is not coming into prisons sprayed on marijuana or any other vegetative material.

Most of it is coming in as dried paper.

When inmates receive mail, they don’t get the original letters or envelopes. They get copies. This prevents anything that has been soaked from later being smoked.

But one inmate, who requested remaining anonymous, claims there is a way around this policy.

“K-2 is now coming in through the legal mail. Inmates get their families to buy liquid K-2 and soak a piece of paper in it and then dry it and print fake legal mail on it and then buy a rubber stamp off the internet and have it made so it looks like it’s coming from a lawyer’s office and mail it in. This is the only way now that the prison has stopped all mail from being mailed directly in to inmates.”

“That would be a possibility and something that we are actively aware of and we actively do ensure that privileged mail is not abused,” says ADC spokesman Solomon Graves. “Privileged mail is not just legal mail. Privileged mail is also correspondence from the media. Privileged mail also includes correspondence from other state agencies.”

The subject of K-2 being mailed into prisons came up at the legislative hearing, but not the possibility of it coming in as legal or privileged mail.

While the five deaths last week are suspected to be K-2 related, the Crime Lab has yet to confirm it.

State Prisons Director Wendy Kelley could not attend Tuesday’s meeting. Another will be held on September 28th.