Lauv is connecting with his inner child through his new music. He released the track “Kids Are Born Stars” on Tuesday, which gives fans a glimpse into his childhood.

The upbeat track is about a girl Lauv crushed on when he was a middle schooler and how he shared his prophesy that he was “going to be a really big star.” The music video sees the current version of the singer interacting with his younger self and helping him recover from a broken heart.

The song and its music video are also nostalgia bombs, with respective references to defunct messaging services, as well as featuring styles from the early aughts.

“When I started making this album, I was doing a lot of inner child meditation work and this song was me getting back in touch with my 8th grade self and giving him a little dose of confidence because Lord knows he would’ve needed it back then,” Lauv said in a statement. “As an adult I had lost touch with my sense of confidence too and making this song and the whole album helped me get back in touch with the person I really am.”

The “I Like Me Better” singer also teased his upcoming album, All 4 Nothing, which drops later this summer.

He said, “My album ‘All 4 Nothing’ curates an energy of openness, wonder, and excitement, but also vulnerability and realness. I hope it opens up a vortex to something you haven’t felt in a while—a place where you can build yourself up from.”

The album, which is the follow-up to his 2020 work How I’m Feeling, is expected August 5.

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