If you want to know how Lauv‘s been feeling, check out his new music video for “26,” his recent single.

The singer sets his music video in a giant room, where his living room, recording studio and music room are one in the same — symbolizing how deeply intertwined his professional and personal lives are.  He seems to come alive in the areas reserved for making music, from dancing around while singing into a microphone to actively collaborating on a new track by the computer.  But, when it comes to everything outside of that, Lauv seemingly shuts down.

The music video depicts a party in the living room, which isn’t detached from the areas relating to his career, and he doesn’t really bother to interact with his guests.  Instead, he sits on a couch and sips his drink. 

While the song’s lyrics dive into Lauv’s feelings about finding success and letting that dictate his life, the music video shows how his career seemingly consumed everything. He does eventually find freedom when he jumps into a car and drives off.  Also, at the party, he locks eyes with a women dressed in white and, shortly after, is seen joining his dancing guests.

According to the press release, the “26” video symbolizes Lauv “ultimately coming to terms with his feelings” after his explosive rise to fame.

“26” has amassed over eight million streams since its January 28 release.  It is the first single off his upcoming second studio album.  Lauv has yet to release the title of his sophomore album and its release date, although he previously confirmed it is “done.”

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