Season 16 of Trisha Yearwood’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen has kicked off, and on Episode 3, Lauren Alaina stops by to help Trisha create a sampling of fast-food inspired treats, including cherry-lime slushies, French bread pizza, mini roast beef and cheese sandwiches and loaded taco waffle fries.

“Talking about these shows that we filmed just a month ago when everything felt normal—it’s kind of surreal and weird,” says Trisha. “In another way, it reminds me of a time that is coming back . . . that’ll happen again—I believe, I believe, I believe.”

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen airs at 11 a.m. CT on the Food Network. Trisha will be on Facebook before each episode for her Saturday morning CoffeeTalk series.

Lauren Alaina Bonds Over Love of Fast Food With Trisha Yearwood


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