Lady Gaga‘s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, literally took a bullet for Gaga’s three French bulldogs when they were targeted in a harrowing kidnapping. Now we know previously known details.

In previously sealed grand jury testimony Fischer provided in October 2021, obtained by Rolling Stone, he admits feeling “confused at first” when two men jumped out of their car and demanded he hand over Gaga’s three dogs — GusavAsia and Koji.

Fischer said the attackers “threw” him onto the sidewalk and started to choke him, so he fought back with a bottle of champagne he had recently purchased.  Fischer said he managed to get free and tried to grab Koji.

“The dog screamed at me, and I reached for him, and then the guy, the man with the gun shot me as I was reaching,” he recalled, and said the attackers grabbed Gustav and Koji when he collapsed.

“I immediately tried to call for help but realized I was bleeding out of my lung and that I was losing more and more air quickly,” Fisher testified. “And the other dog, Asia, came to, came to my side, and I tried to project as much as possible in a calm manner to get people out of their houses to ask for help.”

Fischer was rushed to a nearby hospital and underwent extensive surgery, eventually consenting to “part of my lung being removed.”  He said he still struggles with “breathing issues.”

James Jackson, 19, Jaylin White, 20, and Lafayette Whaley, 28, face attempted murder charges in the incident.  White’s father, Harold White, as well as Jennifer McBride, are charged with accessory to attempted murder, with the latter ultimately stating she “found” the dogs and tried to claim the $500,000 reward Gaga offered for their return.

A hearing’s been set for April 5.

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