The current vice-president for Student Affairs at Southeast Arkansas College has been selected to run operations of the new Saline County Career and Technical Center.

According to the Sheridan Headlight newspaper, Scott Kuttenkuler will assume the position of assistant vice-chancellor of the career and technical center, which is part of Arkansas State University Three Rivers in partnership with local Saline County School Districts. He will assume the position March 1.

“This is a project like no other in Arkansas,” the newspaper quoted Kuttenkuler as saying. “The vision and commitment of the citizens of Saline County is amazing. I am excited to get started and to do all that I can to foster the development of skill sets, mindsets and opportunities for the future students of the Saline Count Career and Technical Center.”

The campus will offer 10 career training programs in high paying, high demand fields such as automotive repair, HVAC, refrigeration, information technology and health sciences.

The newspaper said the campus will serve students that attend any of the school districts that include parts of Saline County and enrollment will be based on each district’s student population in the county.

As an example, Bryant, the largest district in the county, will account for 40 percent of the total enrollment. The Sheridan School District will account for 17 percent of the total enrollment.