Count Krysten Ritter as one of the fans who are psyched that Netflix’s Marvel shows are now available on Disney+. 

Ritter, who played the titular heroine Jessica Jones, posted to Instagram a photo of herself in costume, noting, “Guess who’s a Disney princess now?” along with a winky, and the “bicep flex” emoji. 

She also reminded her 1.4 million followers to “(re)watch” her character’s adventures “now streaming on her new home.”

Ritter became a fan favorite for playing Jones, who was blessed/cursed with super-strength by a shadowy organization’s experimentation on her. Jones for the most part tries to hide her powers — although as the series shows, they come in handy during her day job as a private eye.  The series won acclaim for its frank portrayal of weighty topics like addiction and sexual abuse, and Ritter’s portrayal of the hard-drinking, no-nonsense character.

The well-reviewed Jessica Jones ran for three seasons on Netflix, ending in 2015 as part of a move to consolidate all Marvel content under the Marvel Studios umbrella.  Ritter told ABC Audio the character was the “role of a lifetime” for her, and one she’d be willing to revisit. 

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